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I’ve been watching and listening to Donald Trump supporters in the lead-up to the election and after the election  and I have to say that I’m completely stupefied by them.   I understand the essential philosophical differences in points of view between Democrats and Republicans. I get how someone who doesn’t like taxes and wants smaller government can be enthusiastic about his/her candidate for president (as if Donald Trump is a traditional Republican).

What I fail to get is the inspired, teary-eyed response to a man whose multitude of sins and character flaws can’t be underestimated.  From defrauding unsuspecting and financially vulnerable students at Trump University, to sexually assaulting any woman he wants to given the opportunity, to hiding the fact he doesn’t pay his fair share of taxes, Trump is clearly a man that no sane, moral, or empathetic person can be inspired by.  

So please, Trump worshippers, spare me the platitudes about what a wonderful day this is for America and the world when a narcissistic, hate-encouraging demagogue replaces a kind, decent, scandal-free president in Barack Obama, who stewarded the country from the brink of economic collapse that George W. Bush got us to. Look yourselves in the mirror and at least admit that your new-found hero doesn’t appeal to your better angels, but instead to your more exclusionary, self-interested persona.  


Comments on: "To Those Inspired By Donald Trump? Who Are You? " (1)

  1. Thank you for writing this. I’m mystified too!

    At one point, I was screen capturing a lot of his Twitter feed for two reasons. Firstly, I just couldn’t believe what was coming outta his “mouth” (fingertips). Secondly, because I was accused by his supporters (some of them family members) for believing the “fake news” media. OMFlippingG!!! Anywhooohaaa… I got tired of all the stupidity and just let them believe whatever they wanted. I didn’t mean to come off sounding to them like I knew “everything”, but when you’ve got “proof” and people can still say, “Oh, someone must have gotten a hold of his Twitter account and wrote that.”. Well, THAT WAS IT.

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